Chelsea’s Charity: Danbury girl helps traumatized kids heal through art

A 10-year-old Danbury girl is sharing the healing power of art with kids who need it most.
Chelsea Phaire, the founder of Chelsea’s Charity, is devoted to providing art supplies and lessons to help those suffering through traumatic events.
At 8 years old, Chelsea lost her swim coach in shooting – 24-year-old Donovan Brown.
“The only thing I felt like I had left to make me happy was art,” she told News 12.
This week, Chelsea was at Sacred Heart in Jersey City, which was put into a lockdown during the mass shooting that killed six earlier this month. She says she also delivered 130 art kits to kids who were impacted by the mass shooting in El Paso.
Chelsea wants to donate “to all 50 states and then hopefully…give to other countries.