Church pursues 100-year legacy of serving community

Saint David?s Episcopal Church remains a staple in the Bronx community after more than a century and is continuing the legacy of helping the community.
The parish dates back to 1895, and its building on East 160th Street was completed in the 1920s. Church history says Rev. Dr. Edward Clifton started the parish because he was concerned that black people in the community had no place to worship.
Father Bert Bennett says Saint David?s has a long legacy of reaching out in the South Bronx, according to church history. Current churchgoers echo that sentiment and say the parish has helped them in their lives.
Bennett says the church used to have a sewing school and a walk-in clinic. He also says Melrose community schools started out of the church. Today the church works with the police department as well as the New York City Housing Authority, parishioners say. It also has after-school and senior programs as well as a summer camp.