City aims to discredit lawsuit seeking to overturn Bridgeport’s mayoral primary

Hearings in a lawsuit that seeks to overturn the results of Bridgeport's Democratic mayoral primary continued Wednesday.
The city presented voter records and testimony from the assistant town clerk in an effort to discredit the lawsuit.
The lawsuit was filed by the group Bridgeport Generation Now Votes. It asks the judge to scrap the primary outcome because of voting irregularities and alleged violations of state election law.
Incumbent Mayor Joe Ganim beat state Sen. Marilyn Moore by 270 votes in last month's primary. Moore won at the polls, but Ganim took home the victory because his absentee ballots outnumbered Moore's 3-1.
During this month's proceedings, lawyers for supporters of Moore say the Ganim campaign manipulated the absentee process to win the election.
Before the end of the month, the judge will decide whether to order a new primary or throw out this lawsuit.