City braces for flood season

City officials say Monday's heavy rain signaled the start of flood season in New York City. However, the city has new response plans aimed at limiting potential floods.
After three heavy rainstorms resulted in flooding last year, one of which shut down the subway, the city formed a flooding task force. The task force's main goal is coordinating the responses of 10 city agencies. Other measures include improving community outreach to protect and educate residents and identifying trouble areas throughout the five boroughs.
In anticipation of Monday's rain, the Office of Emergency Management held their crews overnight to clean catch basins so they wouldn't get clogged.
Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that while no one plan can work for each neighborhood the city's developed several "short-term, neighborhood-specific strategies to produce immediate results."
The Office of Emergency Management also put together a brochure about heavy flooding that they plan to distribute throughout the community.
New York City Office of Emergency Management