City comptroller says Albany shortchanging city, BX in transit funding

The city comptroller says the Bronx and the rest of New York City is being shortchanged when it comes to transit funding.William C. Thompson, Jr. (D-NYC) claims projects to make improvements to the city's transit system have had to be put off because of a lack of funding. He says the lack of funding is due to Albany giving too much money to commuter lines that serve the suburbs.The comptroller says city residents make up 94 percent of the customers that utilize the MTA, but the city only sees 75 percent of allocated funds. Thompson says if the city saw an extra 4.5 percent in funding, it would mean $673 million more each year.Thompson says among the projects that have been postponed are plans for tunnel lighting and ventilation. He says the project is important because it would improve reliability and safety.
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