City Lights Bridgeport Art Trail seeks donations or bids during pandemic

A Bridgeport nonprofit that serves the local arts community is asking for the public's help staying afloat after being hit hard during the pandemic.

For 16 years, City Lights Bridgeport Art Trail has helped artists get work, grants and exposure.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced the entire operation to go online, where it is now offering free courses to kids in Bridgeport public schools.

To stay afloat, Executive Director Suzanne Kachmar says the nonprofit needs people to bid on work or make a donation.

"This is a serious time. Just like other small business owners, artists do not have income and they can't go get it as easily as other people get unemployment checks. So this is a way for them not to get a handout, but to do work and get paid for it," said Kachmar.