City of Bridgeport to use federal dollars to fight homelessness

New federal dollars to combat homelessness have been earmarked for Bridgeport – giving hope to families living on the streets.
Officials say the grants, totaling about $3 million, are being administered through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.
News 12’s Frank Recchia caught up with Vera Annicelli and Alexander Martin and their two dogs Saturday. The homeless couple has been living out of a pickup truck.
They say they park in well-lit areas to avoid the constant threat of violent crime. They say battling the elements is also a challenge, especially during the winter.
“I am very hopeful that things are going to turn out very well. I just got to hold on and believe that someone out there can help us," says Martin.
Bridgeport Mayor Joe Ganim says, “We’re going to do all we can to help and anyone else that's faced with homelessness or being without a place to live."
Sen. Richard Blumenthal says the “heartbreak of homelessness really is all of our responsibilities, certainly the federal government must do more."
The leaders are hopeful that the federal money will go toward housing for the homeless.