City, volunteers hit the streets to count homeless

Volunteers hit the streets of Hunts Point on a frigid Monday night to take part in the city?s 6th annual Homeless Outreach Population Estimate, or HOPE count.
News 12 The Bronx accompanied volunteers as they tried to survey people living in the streets and offered them assistance. One man who said he was homeless rode off on his bicycle when offered a place to stay for the night. After surveying the man?s pushcart, volunteer William Felder, who was homeless himself once, felt he knew something about his plight.
?He fills this up, he pushes it over to a scrap metal. When it gets to be 40 or 50 pounds, he can come away with $15,? said Felder.
The HOPE count took place across the city, hosted by the Department of Homeless Services. But, according to some other homeless advocacy groups, it?s impossible to get an accurate count of the city?s homeless in one night.
The HOPE count is part of Mayor Bloomberg?s five-year plan to get rid of homelessness.
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