Claire's recalls makeup after regulators warn of asbestos

The retailer Claire's is recalling three makeup products after U.S. regulators warned they might contain asbestos.
Here are the products being recalled:
Claire's Eyeshadows, UPC #888711847165, SKU #84716, Lot No. 08/17
Claire's Compact Powder, UPC #888711839153, SKU #83915, Lot No. 07/15
Claire's Contour Palette, UPC #888711401947, SKU #40194, Lot No. 04/17
The Food and Drug Administration said product samples last week tested positive for asbestos, but Claire's refused to recall any products that might still be in homes.
The retailer, at the time, disputed the test results, but said it removed the products from stores.
The company is now also recalling the products, which were sold between 2016 and this month.
A Claire's representative wasn't immediately available for comment.
Asbestos can get in the lungs and cause cancer, but the greatest risk is to people with frequent, long-term exposure.
The FDA said it's not aware of anyone being sickened by the makeup.
Cosmetics don't have to be reviewed by the FDA before they're sold.
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