Clock ticking for residents in Norwalk housing complex

There’s concern in South Norwalk among two dozen residents who remain in a low-income housing complex.
Some of the tenants at Washington Village say they have to be out of their homes later this month, but have no place to go.
The complex is being rebuilt using a federal grant, and the residents say with the clock ticking, their anxiety is growing.
"We're good citizens,” said Helen Thorne.  “We don't cause trouble. I get along with all the neighbors.  We raised kids. We never was a problem to the system. So why are you treating us this way?"
However, the head of the Norwalk Housing Authority tells News 12 Connecticut that the tenants have known for years about the need to move.
"We are paying their moving costs, security deposit, and subsidizing their rent, in some cases paying their entire rent,” said Adam Bovilsky.  “We have staff helping them find places and when the new buildings are done they have a right to return.”
Bovilsky said the lottery priority system was the most fair system the housing authority could come up with, and was reviewed by tenants and advocates.