Clocks to spring ahead at American Clock and Watch Museum

Daylight saving time begins this weekend, and for one Connecticut museum that means a lot of clocks are going to spring ahead.
The American Clock and Watch Museum is located right in Bristol.
"Daylight saving time is always an interesting time here at the museum. Our old cranks change the clocks for us," Executive Director Patti Philippon says.
Philippon says the museum has about 6,000 timepieces in its collection,and about 1,500 of those time pieces are on display at any given time.
She says the curators rotate the collection so there’s always something new to see when you come and visit.
Bristol was the center of clockmaking in the 19th century. The city itself had about 200 different concerns just in clockmaking.
Although the technology behind clocks and watches has changed, curators say the need for an accurate time timekeeper has stayed the same.