Community calls for traffic, safety improvements after child struck by truck in Bridgeport

The Bridgeport community is calling for more traffic and safety improvements after a child was struck by a truck while crossing the street after school.
A young girl was struck by a pickup truck along Boston Avenue, near Central Avenue, on Friday just as she was leaving school.
Her family says she suffered a fractured skull, though her injuries were not life-threatening.
The incident took place after school let out in an area which some say is known for posing deadly danger to pedestrians.
Parents are urging for safety changes at the intersection.
In a separate, unrelated accident in the same area just one day before, Sharon Palmer says her granddaughter and a second child were also struck by a car while crossing the street.
"Yeah, she could have been killed but it's the spirit of God that saved both of them," said Palmer.
City Councilman Ernie Newton, who represents the district, says parents have had it with people driving too fast and creating a dangerous environment for pedestrians.
"We've got schools up the hill, schools down the hill," said Newton. "People are flying up and down the streets, not paying attention. We've got to do something."
Newton says he'll be calling on city officials to do a traffic assessment "to consider the feasibility of installing speed bumps or additional traffic lights here." He says cases like this one underscore the need for city officials to take immediate action.
A woman was struck and killed on the same stretch of Boston Avenue earlier this year.