Community Health Center gives away free at-home test kits to patients

Community Health Center is giving away free at-home COVID-19 test kits to their patients.
The community health center says it has been giving away the tests at its locations statewide over the past few weeks to patients who come in for primary care visits.
They say they have also been giving tests out to homeless shelters in the area and first responders.
Community Health Center President and CEO Mark Masselli says you can never have enough testing when it comes to COVID-19, especially now.
"You can't have enough frankly. It sounds like a lot, but the reality is if you really want to make sure our economy stays open and alive, you really need to test regularly," he says.
Masselli says Community Health Center got the kits through a partnership with the federal government that is separate from the 3 million tests the state of Connecticut just acquired.