Community rallies around popular Connecticut musician after devastating fire

Jordan West has played arenas and amphitheaters, even opening for Bon Jovi at the Meadowlands. But it's the support West is getting from the community after a devastating fire that's truly overwhelmed him.
West and his family lost almost everything when flames tore through their home in Ansonia last Friday. It happened during the day while West's wife and daughter were home. They escaped safely with their dog, but many of their personal possessions didn't survive. The fire began outside the house, then spread under the front porch and took out the whole front of the home. Fire officials are still investigating the cause.
"I lost some instruments. I lost some congas, some guitars, my banjo. We lost a lot of our clothes, everything in the dining room, everything in the laundry room, pretty much everything in the kitchen," West told News 12.
West has been a musician his entire life.
"I sing, play bass, play guitar, play Latin percussion," West explained. He spent more than 20 years playing bass for a living, touring and making records. Nowadays, he performs solo and in multiple local bands, including the Greenwich-based cover band The Short Bus.
"He's played in so many different bands and so many people know him. He's brought so much joy to people that we really wanted to help him out as best we could," said bandmate Pete Sullivan. "Jordan is a pretty upbeat guy, but he's been pretty beat down by this thing."
So they started a GoFundMe account writing, "Jordan's family will be displaced for six to nine months. Between the loss of most of their possessions, having to pay to live somewhere else while the work is being done on the damaged house and the potential loss of income while Jordan tries to get instruments he needs to make the majority of his livelihood, we are asking all of you who have been blessed by his performing music for you for all these years to come to his family's aide and help them through this tough time."
"They're the greatest guys in the world. I couldn't believe it," West told News 12.
So far it's raised more than $7,900.
"Everybody's been so generous and so supportive. People just came out of the woodwork. It's amazing," West added. "I'm humbled and blessed."
"I don't think he realized how much, how much he means to people," Sullivan said.