Confusion at polling sites leaves voters frustrated

Long lines and confusion about whether or not voters needed ID to cast ballots led to some confusion and frustration across Connecticut on Election Day.
Voters at Reed Elementary School in Bridgeport were told by a poll worker that they could not vote unless they had ID. Residents who had no ID were told to go home and come back before the polls closed. However, rules dictate that no ID is required for voters to cast ballots.
Joseph Borges, registrar of voters in Bridgeport, says voters who show up without ID can sign an affidavit saying they are the voter. He adds that if it is unclear whether a person is actually registered to vote, then the person can cast a vote on a provisional ballot. Still, some residents say they were turned away because they weren't registered.
Borges says he will try to get to the bottom of why some voters were misinformed.