Congress authorizes flood protection projects for Connecticut

Millions of dollars could be headed to western Connecticut for protection from the next hurricane.
Congress passed the Water and Infrastructure Act last week that could protect Connecticut's coast from future storms like Superstorm Sandy, Sen. Richard Blumenthal announced Monday.
The bill would authorize more than $6 billion worth of flood protection projects nationwide over 10 years.
More than 800 homes have been damaged in Milford alone by Superstorm Sandy and Hurricane Irene.
A substantial amount of money authorized by Congress will go to West Haven to replenish the beach and raise roads.
One woman who's lived there for 40 years says Superstorm Sandy nearly flooded her home, and with superstorms becoming the norm, she's worried about the next one.
"The fear is, the water coming in and basically flooding us out our home of 40 years," says Ruby Melton of West Haven.
Sen. Blumenthal says Congress hasn't appropriated money for the bill yet and that may not happen until next year.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers would then pick projects to work on.