Congress' failure to re-fund Restaurant Revitalization Fund may lead to the closure of Bridgeport restaurant

A Bridgeport restaurant owner tells News 12 he is in danger of closing his doors after Congress failed to re-fund the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.
Mark Turocy, of Black Rock Social House, says thousands of restaurants will face similar situations because of the decision.
Many in Congress had been pushing to replenish the fund, which helped thousands of restaurants stay afloat during the pandemic. The fund ran through its initial allotment of $28.5 billion in less than a month.
Despite this, Turocy says he is not giving up.
"I'm a fighter, and I need to fight in order to survive," Turocy says. "I will bang on every door, and I will call everyone to hold them accountable - because don't promise us something that you can't deliver."