Connecticut adventurers look no further, fat biking in the snow is what you need right now

If you enjoy biking, then you might enjoy doing it in the wintertime. Yes, riding a bike in the snowy woods or trails is possible, and one Connecticut group is showing hundreds of adventurers how it’s done.  
Naturalist Mark Fowler from Grace Farms Foundation and the Connecticut Outdoor Recreation Alliance joined News 12 for a look at the world of fat biking.
Fat bikes are exactly what they sound like, a bigger than average bike with large treaded tires for riding in the snow.
Riders hit the trails in Simsbury to head out on their adventure.
"Really, the wintertime is a beautiful time to be outside," Fowler says. "The contrast between the white snow and the depths of color that you get. It’s a great time to be out."
The key to fat bikes is their unique tire sizes that allow them to tread snow up to 6 inches.
"You know fat biking in the snow these days, it’s really up-and-coming. it’s becoming a mainstream sport. You wouldn’t have any trouble finding anything," CORA's Mick Ferraro says.  
Ferraro says Connecticut is home to a lot of great bike shops.
"I help people get access to really great adventures and fitness opportunities," he says.
He describes fat biking as an experience that you know the first couple times you do it, it’ll stay with you forever.
"Get out there - beat the cabin fever and just go on an adventure you’ll never forget," Fowler says.