Connecticut AG Tong and GOP Jessica Kordas agree on abortion, split on gun control

The top two candidates for Connecticut's attorney general faced off in their only televised debate on News 12 Connecticut Wednesday.
The biggest surprise was how much both candidates agree with each other, especially on abortion laws.
The next attorney general decides how and even whether to defend Connecticut's gun laws and abortion laws.
On abortion, Republican Jessica Kordas said she completely agrees with Democratic Attorney General William Tong.
Both say they'll fight any national abortion ban and that they'll defend Connecticut's new "shield law."
"I will stand here on TV today and tell the viewers and Attorney General Tong that I absolutely have drawn a line in the sand. I will unequivocally and unambiguously defend a woman's right to choose," said Kordas.
But Tong said Kordas' answer was not enough.
"It's not enough in this moment to say you're pro-choice. You have to prove that you are. You have to prove it by saying you'll stand up to Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio," Tong said.
On gun control, both pledged to uphold Connecticut's strict Sandy Hook laws. Right now, the state's assault weapons ban faces two legal challenges.
"You have to be clear that you will fight for and defend Connecticut's gun laws all day -- every day," said Tong.
"We have the most restrictive gun control laws in the country. Yet, when I drop my children off at school, we are still unsafe," said Kordas.
On Gov. Ned Lamont's sweeping COVID emergency powers, which ended earlier this year, Tong said "the state's response focused on, and trusted, science, doctors."
"Look, we were all scared, right? Everyone was scared. We needed to protect our families and our children -- and we did that. But at some point, mandates seem as though they don't make sense anymore," said Kordas.
Voters head to the polls Nov. 8.