Connecticut child care costs are on the rise. Here's some ways to save.

Whether you are signing your kids up for child care because you have to work or because you want them to have an environment to interact and learn, it is going to cost you quite a bit.
Child care is known to be one of the largest expenses for families, Deb Flis, division director of The Office of Early Childhood, says.
Caleb Silver from Investopedia says the cost of child care nationwide is up 3.2% year over year and 5.9% since the beginning of the pandemic.
Silver says Connecticut infant care costs are $15,000 a year and child care is around $13,000, while the household median income is $85,000.
Flis says there are resources to help families out with child care.
"The federal government fund Head Start that is a program free or very low cost for families in Connecticut and also provides an additional supplement for some of our federally funded kickstart programs that helps them with their operations," she says.
For those that make a bit more money but still need the help, Flis says there is 2-1-1 Child Care.
"2-1-1 Child Care also provides families who are not income eligible or need assistance to pay for care and staff that can help them pick their needs," Flis says.
Click here for more information about 2-1-1 Child Care assistances in Connecticut.