Connecticut doctor details Christian Pulisic's injury on game-winning World Cup goal

The U.S. men's national soccer team says its best player is expected to play in Saturday's match with the Netherlands.
Christian Pulisic suffered an injury on a goal that kept the U.S. team alive earlier this week.
"It was huge to be honest," said University of Bridgeport men's soccer coach Pete Doneit.
Doneit watched Pulisic's goal on Tuesday that sent the U.S. to the round of 16.
"To see him, you know, make that run and put his body on the line, you know, to score the goal was great to watch," said Doneit.
But in the process, Pulisic collided with Iran's goalie and ended up going to the hospital.
Dr. Henry Backe with the Connecticut Orthopedic Institute says Pulisic suffered a pelvic contusion - basically a bruise, but it is painful.
"I think this was just kind of bad luck," said Backe.
Backe says you don't break any bone or tear any muscle, but you have some bleeding in and around the bone.
"I think that location is uncommon. Mostly you're going to get these contusions on the outside of your hip," said Backe.
Backe says treatment for Pulisic will be some rest and icing to reduce inflammation.
He says the star may possibly be playing with painkillers.
Doneit says he hopes all the attention Pulisic is getting will translate into another victory.
"I feel like we have an excellent chance to win this game," said Doneit.
Former Fairfield University soccer goalie Matt Turner is the keeper for Team USA