Connecticut doctor responds to Botox warnings

The Food and Drug Administration recently linked Botox, the popular anti-wrinkle drug used in cosmetic procedures, to the deaths of several children, most of them cerebral palsy patients.
This has concerned patients of Dr. Mark Oestreicher of Westport. But Dr. Oestreicher says that cosmetic use of the drug involves much lower doses than treatments for cerebral palsy, which sometimes use five times the amount or more than the cosmetic procedure.
?There was diffusion or spread of the Botox from where they used it to the esophagus and other organs, which caused paralysis and eventually respiratory arrest and death,? said Dr. Oestreicher.
The Westport doctor said that no deaths have occurred from the recommended dose of Botox injected in the face.
?When used properly or in small doses it's very, very safe,? he said.
Still, Dr. Oestreicher recommended that Botox should only be used under the care of a physician and should not be taken lightly.