Connecticut DOT asks for the public’s help identifying potholes

Winter weather hasn’t been kind to Connecticut’s roads and has opened up new potholes or worsened existing ones. The Department of Transportation says it has seen an uptick in pothole reporting in just the last week.
As the water on roads continuously freezes and thaws, the road weakens and eventually cracks. AAA says hitting a pothole can cause damage to your tires or suspension, costing hundreds of dollars to repair.
“Residents can be super helpful if they let us know where they find them. If there is a slight crack in the asphalt…it might become larger. If residents see something like that, let us know,” said Samaia Hernandez, a spokesperson for the CT DOT.
Although the main repair season comes in the spring, crews patch potholes all year long.
If you have a pothole in mind, the link to report them is on their website.