Connecticut energy bill met with mixed opinions

? House and Senate leaders reached a compromise Friday on an energy bill that has sparked mixed opinions about the future of electricity costs in Connecticut.
The bill focuses on controlling the future cost of electricity for Connecticut residents. According to lawmakers, the bill contains incentives, which would encourage consumers to purchase energy efficient products and enroll in energy efficient programs.
Rep. James Amann (D-Milford) believes that the bill is necessary. ?[There are a] lot of positive things in this bill that in the short term will help ratepayers and certainly on the long term to try and keep rates as level as we possibly can,? said Amann.
Rep. Larry Cafero (R-Norwalk) said that a substantial portion of the energy bill is comprised of tax credits, measures, and policies. All focus on promoting conservation and those who use alternative fuel.
Republican leaders said they intend to attach an amendment to the energy bill in order to lower the cost of gasoline by 25 cents per gallon through Labor Day.
The energy bill also would change the regulation by state utilities to have a limited opportunity to own power plants. Lawmakers advise consumers to keep in mind that 85 percent of energy being used originates from gas and oil. However, there is no production of either in Connecticut.