Connecticut firefighters recall their time helping Hurricane Ian victims in Florida

Four weeks ago, a crew of Connecticut firefighters set out to collect supplies to bring down to Fort Myers, which was devastated after Hurricane Ian.
The crew, made up of Easton, Fairfield and Stratford firefighters, say there was almost nothing left when they got to Florida.
The crew removed and cleared out debris from the battered neighborhood and left their mark on several families who lost everything.
"You're just in shock this is the power of this storm did this kind of damage," said Dave Davies. "It's just a little bit of everything from someone's home that was destroyed."
Dave Davies' 80-year-old mother says their efforts made a difference.
"They never stopped from morning until night," said Marilyn Davies.
Even though the Connecticut crew said their time was limited and more work still needs to be done, it was the impact of seeing how their actions helped the community in a time of need.
"It makes you feel happy, it makes you feel like you accomplished something," said Dave Davies.