Connecticut hotel industry sees much needed bump as more travel following COVID-19 pandemic

More families are packing their bags for vacation and staying at hotels in Connecticut again since the beginning of the pandemic.
A family vacation is back on the calendar in Connecticut and hotels are welcoming people with open arms.
Connecticut saw hotel stays rise during June and July, according to Caleb Silver of Investopedia.
Experts say tourism dollars are important in the Nutmeg State - so getting people back to venturing around is important - and it's going to cost less.
"At the same time hotel rates actually fell about a dollar during the same time just as gas prices fell," Silver says.
Maria Devito, a co-owner of the Norwalk Inn, says they have been beating their benchmark goals.
"People want to leave their homes, they want to venture out into new neighborhoods, new places and place they also feel comfortable with," Devito says.