Connecticut labs working to keep up with COVID testing demand

Labs across Connecticut are working overtime to keep up with the demand of so many people getting COVID-19 tests before the holidays.
Jackson Lab in Farmington is one of a handful of Connecticut labs processing a crush of COVID-19 tests.
Richard Lussier is Jackson's clinical genomics director. He says they processed about 1,500 tests Wednesday. They're still turning tests around within 24 hours.
To keep up, Jackson is re-assigning technicians and extending hours. Soon, testing will happen seven days a week.
"We are looking to hire additional staff so that we can bolster our capacity, but we're nowhere near where we were a year ago," said Lussier.
At Yale New Haven Health System, they're processing about 40,000 tests a week.
At the state lab in Rocky Hill, they're also busy sequencing tests for the Omicron variant.
The lines to get a test may be long, but in many cases, you can still get the results by Christmas.
To get those results back fast, Jackson Lab will be working on Christmas Eve. They do get Christmas Day off, then it's right back to work on Sunday.