Connecticut lawmakers pass bill to limit solitary confinement in state prisons

Connecticut lawmakers have passed a bill to limit solitary confinement in state prisons, among other bills.
The bill was approved late Thursday night.  
Gov. Ned Lamont vetoed last year's version of the bill, but the new one has the support of the Connecticut Department of Corrections.
The approved changes, however, are less than what advocates for prison reform had hoped for.
Lawmakers also passed an inmate CDL bill which allows inmates to earn a commercial learner driving permit before they're released from behind bars.
Their on the road training would happen once they are out.
Lawmakers also voted on a crime bill that cracks down on repeat offenders, especially focusing on youth offenders who steal cars.
The bill includes more GPS monitoring, that will let police detain juveniles two hours longer, and to get offenders before a judge faster.
That bill will now head to state Senate, where it could be voted on as early as today.