Connecticut officers take part in Police Unity Tour, National Police Week

National Police Week began Sunday, coinciding with the 2019 Police Unity Tour wrapping up in Washington, D.C.
More than 2,500 police officers rode together for thee days, and 300 miles from New Jersey to the capital.
Those riding say it's the least they can do to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.
Connecticut State Police and officers from Hartford also took part in the ride. Many officers across the state stepped up to the challenge and rode the many miles to the memorial.
In addition to raising awareness, the Police Unity Tour raises funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial and Museum in Washington, D.C.
The ride ended with a memorial service. Four Chicago police officers, who died in the line of duty, were honored as a wreath was placed at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.
National Police Week continues through Saturday.