Connecticut residents fear for loved ones in FL as Hurricane Irma hits

<p>As Hurricane Irma wreaks havoc on people in Florida, some families in Connecticut who have loved ones there are worried about their safety.&nbsp;</p>

News 12 Staff

Sep 10, 2017, 5:07 PM

Updated 2,453 days ago


A Florida woman who came to Stratford this week to attend a family reunion says she is terrified as Hurricane Irma heads straight for her home town.
When 58-year-old Cathy Enders, of Florida, arrived in the South End of Stratford on Friday for a family reunion that was planned way back in July, it was supposed to be a time of happiness and relaxation.
“I'm just fearful for my family and their lives and their homes, and I have three dogs and my husband's hunkering down. He refused to leave and evacuate he's in a mandatory evacuation zone,” she says.
The Bridgeport native says when she flew out of Tampa on Friday, she was in good spirits and looking forward to her big family reunion, but as Irma got closer, she began to worry.
Enders says she is due to fly home on Tuesday, but worries her flight will be canceled.

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