Connecticut Restaurant Association urges lawmakers to replenish Restaurant Revitalization Fund

The Connecticut Restaurant Association and the National Restaurant Association are urging lawmakers to replenish the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.
They say only one in three applications were able to be funded leaving 177,000 restaurants nationwide still in need of help because of the pandemic.
Restaurants like S&S Dugout in Southport say business recently started to pick up again, but with the Delta variant causing concern, they're not sure what the next few months will bring.
In a recent survey by the National Restaurant Association, it shows that six in 10 adults changed their restaurant use due to the rise in cases contributed to the Delta variant.
The survey also showed that 19% of adults have stopped going to restaurants, 19% have chosen to dine out outside, 37% have ordered takeout or delivery instead of dining in, and 9% have canceled restaurant plans altogether in recent weeks.
The owner of S&S Dugout says although it's traditionally a sit-down place, he'll do takeout orders and curbside pickup like at the height of the pandemic if people are more comfortable with that.