Connecticut waterfalls boast unique and tranquil winter attraction

Connecticut is home to some unique and very tranquil waterfalls especially more so during the winter months.
Naturalist Mark Fowler, of Grace Farms Foundation, recently took News 12 Connecticut on a tour of some waterfalls around the state.
First up is Wadsworth Falls in Middletown, Connecticut.
"What I love about going to waterfalls during the wintertime, is that when the snow melts the falls become much larger and more magnificent," Fowler says.
He says waterfalls are formed when water flows over a hard rock, and then it gets down into the soil and a softer rock below it becomes hollow.
Fowler says the whole process takes thousands, and thousands, and thousands of years.
He says waterfalls are particularly enchanting in the wintertime due to icicles that start forming on both sides of the waterfalls and down the falls.
Next is beautiful Westfield Falls.
Westfield Falls ends a small river that has carved out a large canyon that flows down a mountain side.
When you make your way from the beautiful falls in Middletown, you'll cross the East Haddam swing bridge on your way to Devil's Hopyard State Park.
Fowler says one of the best parts of Devil's Hopyard State Park is they've got 2 1/2 miles of hiking trails.
Another waterfall is Chapman Falls, which Fowler says is just one of the most stunning falls in Connecticut.
Fowler says getting outside to see waterfalls in the winter is an incredible way to get outdoors to enjoy mother nature, and to avoid cabin fever that winter can bring.