Connecticut's new budget: What it means for you

After Monday night, Connecticut will have a new state budget -- and chances are, it'll cost you more money.

News 12 Staff

Jun 3, 2019, 9:41 PM

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Connecticut will soon have a new state budget -- and chances are, it'll cost you more money.
Things could have been worse though, as Gov. Ned Lamont wanted to expand the sales tax to over 30 new items. But that list is now down to just four new things: Digital downloads, dry cleaning, parking and interior design services.
The cost is also due to rise on things like car trade-ins, vaping cartridges and plastic bags. Checks for eating out will also go up 1%.
"There's a lot of stuff in this bill. There's a lot of fees, there's taxes, limited liability companies and partnerships are going to have another 6% tax on them," says state Sen. Len Fasano.
As Connecticut considers tolls, the budget is set to divert money away from the state transportation fund.
Republicans aren't happy with the budget, but Democrats say there is plenty to like. Their highlights include income taxes remaining the same, taxes for seniors going down and community college will become debt-free starting next summer.
Local schools are also due to get tens of millions more.
"We're really proud of the document that came out," says state Rep. Joe Aresimowicz. "It's coming out on time, balanced, and makes investments in our municipalities."
The budget passed the state House Monday night, 86-65. It now heads to the state Senate.

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