Connecticut's sex offender registry faces big changes

There's a plan underway to make big changes to Connecticut's sex offender registry.
Under the current system, everyone on the registry is treated the same. The new plan calls for classifying offenders based on how risky they are. Another change is that for the first time low-level offenders could ask to be removed after several years on the registry.
The state Sentencing Commission heard from groups that work with sex assault victims Thursday. The groups say they support the change even though it could mean fewer offenders on the registry.
"We believe it will help individuals in the community understand who is at most risk and who poses the most harm," says Laura Cordes, of the Connecticut Alliance to End Sexual Violence.
A new Sex Offender Registry Board would be charged with determining how dangerous offenders are.   
Right now, the plan is just a recommendation. State lawmakers would have to pass the changes next year.