Connecticut's Ukrainians press for more U.S. aid to their country in wake of Russian incursion

Local Ukrainians met with Sen. Richard Blumenthal in Bridgeport Saturday and pressed for continued American aid to their country.
Some said they haven't been able to reach their loved ones since the Russian campaign intensified following the initial invasion.
They're equated Putin's military campaign to Hitler's conquest of Europe.
"I would like the U.S. Government to offer immigration relief to the Ukrainian community so the community does not feel abandoned," said Alex Meyerovich.
"We stand in solidarity with the people of Ukraine, continuing to ratchet up the economic sanctions, provide more arms aid," Blumenthal said.
Blumenthal added that the U.S. should go after Putin personally to make him feel the pain of his actions.
The group said they don't believe Putin will stop with Ukraine, just as Hitler didn't stop with Poland.