Construction manager seeks photos of historic house in Norwalk

A local construction manager needs your help restoring a historic house in Norwalk to its former glory.
Work is underway on the Parish House at the Cornerstone Community Church - the former United Methodist Church. It was built in 1860.
"The house is on the registry of historic places and it's also in a historic zone," says construction manager Bob Boothroyd.
Boothroyd is tasked with restoring the building to its historical splendor, but the job includes some detective work.
"We have had trouble finding photographs of this house. We found photos of the church but very few of the house that were clear and had any detail," he says. "When I tried to drill down on them and go for detail... eveyrthing pixelized so it was just enough to be a teaser but still looking for a little bt more conclusive evidence about what might've been here on the house."
That's where he's hoping the public can help with old pictures. At the start of construction, crews removed the aluminum siding on the building to reveal the original wood but he's looking for more clues about the former facade.
"It's like doing forensic research, you know, we're trying to put it all together and to me, this is kind of a passion as well as a job and I really want this to be as authentic as this can be," Boothroyd says.
He says the house is in surprisingly good shape, allowing crews to use the original clapboards and trim.
Once the mystery is solved and construction complete, Boothroyd says the church will use the old parish house as office space for counseling and other services.
Boothroyd says the hope is have everything done, including the final inspection, by the end of the year.