Construction on Henry Hudson done, more work ahead

Repair of the entrance ramp on the Henry Hudson Parkway has been completed - three years after a wall collapsed at 181st Street.
However, the city is now working in the area on an unrelated project to enforce walls along the road. As a result, one lane of the parkway is closed for about a quarter of a mile. The project is expected to be completed within two years.
Further into Riverdale, there are additional construction projects at West 252nd Street.
Department of Transportation officials say they are reconstructing an overpass and doing work along the adjacent service roads. Drivers say the construction creates an obstacle course for them.
Drivers believe construction is also taking a long time because there is never anyone working on the site.
?If they're going to fix it they should come and fix it and then get out of the neighborhood,? says one driver.
DOT says drivers should expect the work to be finished by early 2009.