Controversy brewing in Bridgeport over allegations a City Council candidate provided false information

A City Council candidate in Bridgeport has been accused of providing a false home address to election officials.
City Councilmember Ernie Newton, Mayor Joe Ganim and other local leaders are calling on John Gomes to answer the allegations that have been brought against a candidate who is running on his line in the upcoming election.
Newton showed News 12 an affidavit from a homeowner in the 139th District that states the City Council candidate falsely provided the homeowner's address as his home address.
Gomes says the candidate is a highly respected member of the community who has done nothing wrong. He says the issue arose as a result of last-minute redistricting.
"Nothing has been done wrong," says Gomes. "If anything he has been proactive and he remains committed to that of the community. He understands that the redistricting occurred and two of the streets including his were poached out."
Newton is calling for an investigation.