Could Connecticut reinstate mask mandate in wake of CDC's new guidance?

Restaurant owners say business is moving in the right direction as more customers are allowed inside without masks.
However, this mandate could change now that the CDC recommends returning to masks in areas with “substantial or high transmission” of COVID-19.
Presently, only Hartford and New London counties fall within the CDC’s new guidelines.
The owner of Donovan’s in South Norwalk tells News 12 in the 42 years he’s been in business, 2020 was the hardest one thus far.
Richie Ball says the restaurant and bar have been busy since things cooled down and he doesn’t plan to make customers wear masks indoors if it isn’t mandated.
"If you haven't been vaccinated, you really shouldn't go to a restaurant anyway. I would say all vaccinated people should be able to come in without a mask,” says Ball.