Council member: Family deserves answers about Bridgeport woman found outside Bronx cemetery

City Council Member Mary McBride-Lee says the family of a Bridgeport woman found outside a Bronx cemetery deserves answers about what happened.
Police say a 53-year-old woman identified as Maxine Messam was found outside a cemetery in the Bronx Tuesday with injection shots in her buttocks.
They say two women representing themselves as good Samaritans dropped Messam off at the hospital around 1:30 a.m., saying they found her at the cemetery asking for help.
Detectives say Messam was "naked from the waist down," had several "injection marks" on her backside, possibly indicating she was a victim of a "botched cosmetic procedure."
Messam was pronounced dead at the hospital, police say.
McBride-Lee represents the district where Messam lived and says although she did not know her personally, Messam's family deserves answers.
"Maxine is going to be on my mind. Her family is suffering because of what happened, but also because they don't know what happened to her," McBride-Lee says.
The NYPD is widening its criminal probe to include anyone who may have come in contact with Messam in the 24 hours before her death, including the two women who drove her to the hospital in her own SUV.
Police say they aren't sure if the injections on Messam's backside killed her and that it's not clear what was injected into her.