Couple to continue battle over right to vote in Greenwich

The town of Greenwich has rejected an appeal by a couple challenging their right to have their names put back on the voting rolls.
Jerry and Marianne Porricelli challenged the Registrar of Voters? decision to remove their names from the Greenwich voting rolls last year. The Board for Admission of Electors decided Friday that the couple does not meet the requirements to vote in Greenwich.
The Porricellis live on Hillcrest Park Road on the Stamford-Greenwich border. The vast majority of their one-acre lot, including their house, is in Stamford while a small corner lies in Greenwich. First Selectman Jim Lash (R) says the placement of the house determined the decision.
The Porricellis own a business in the town, pay motor vehicle taxes to the town and have an Old Greenwich address, according to the post office. The couple's lawyer says he doesn't think the decision is right and will file a court appeal.