COVID-19 vaccine rollout for kids under 5 begins on Long Island

COVID-19 vaccine doses for kids under 5 arrived on Long Island Tuesday, but parents weren't able to get their child vaccinated just anywhere.
The vaccines are available at pharmacies like Walgreens and CVS as well as doctor's offices and hospitals.
For some Long Island parents of young children, the vaccine is the news they have been waiting for.
"We have been waiting for this for a really, really long time," says Erica Lo Bello, who has a 3-year-old son and an infant daughter.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced on Saturday that children as young as 6 months are now eligible for the vaccine from Moderna or Pfizer.
The rollout is underway on Long Island; however, it may be difficult to get an appointment.
Officials say federal laws allow pharmacies to only administer vaccines to children at a certain age. Walgreens will vaccinate children 3 years and older, but CVS will be vaccinating children 18 months and older only at their Minute Clinics.
The limitations are frustrating some parents who wanted to get their children vaccinated.
Holbrook mother Amy wanted to get her son Andrew, who is 2, vaccinated, at Walgreens, but he didn't meet the age requirement.
"I feel it should be easier for me to get my son vaccinated," Amy says. "It shouldn't be a bunch of hoops that I have to jump through."
Health officials recommend speaking to your children's health provider to discuss what's best for your family