COVID long-hauler relies on Hartford HealthCare speech therapist to communicate

A Connecticut woman is dealing with cognitive speech issues after a long battle with COVID-19.
Kathy Spencer, from Kensington, has been working with doctors and Hartford HealthCare speech therapist Sarah Gromko in Stratford.
"She came in just totally distraught at the fact that she can't, she couldn't think the way she used to and she has such a high baseline intelligence wise," said Gromko.
Spencer has spent her entire career in education and she says her delayed speech has been very frustrating for someone who needs to communicate.
She needs to use a portable oxygen unit and sometimes finds it hard to even walk short distances.
Spencer has an important message about COVID-19.
"It is not just a cold as so many people say. You might be lucky enough to experience COVID that way if you get it. But not everyone experiences a mild, easy-going case," said Spencer.
COVID hasn't stopped Spencer from one of her other life's passions - riding her motorcycle.
Doctors say long-haul symptoms are now effecting 10% to 30% of all people who had COVID.