COVID-19 victims honored at tree-planting ceremony in Norwalk

A Norwalk group held a tree-planting ceremony to honor those who have passed away from COVID-19
The Norwalk Tree Alliance planted a Red Oak tree on the grounds of St. Paul's on the Green.
They picked St. Paul's because of it's central location in the city.
The Alliance hopes the tree will stand for many years to come in remembrance of the Norwalk residents lost.
"Our Norwalk Tree Alliance wanted to find a way to commemorate what has been happening in our community. There has been so many people that have been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic in fact many people, even those of this congregation, have passed away," Norwalk Tree Alliance President Allan Broadben says.
The Norwalk Tree Alliance is a non-profit that is devoted to protecting the tree canopy and planting new trees.