Crews recover bodies of 2 fishermen swept off Penfield Reef

The bodies of two fishermen have been found by divers after they went missing off of Penfield Reef in Fairfield Saturday morning.  
Fairfield fire officials say Victor Paulino, 32, and Jose Cruz, 40, were among six people who were there fishing around 4 a.m. When the tide came in, three of the fishermen became stranded on the reef. Three others were swept into the water.
The first 911 call came in around 7:30 a.m., and fire and police boats were able to rescue those stuck on the reef and one person from the water.
Crews then called in resources from neighboring agencies and the Coast Guard for a search that lasted about eight hours. It wasn't until the tide began to go back out that divers located the victims – both are from Yonkers, New York. 
The victim's family members were at the scene when they were brought back to shore.
The six on the reef were part of two separate fishing groups, including a father and son who were not part of the water rescue.