Criminal justice expert: Possible Trump indictment would be an unprecedent security situation

A lecturer at the University of New Haven says a potential indictment of former President Donald Trump would be an unprecedented situation for the country and the law enforcement community.
Bobby McDonald teaches criminal justice and is a former Secret Service agent. He says the Secret Service, along with state and federal agencies, would already be planning the logistical aspects for what could possibly happen on Tuesday.
Their goal would be to ensure that the process goes smoothly and fairly for all involved.
McDonald says he does not believe a possible indictment would impact Trump's plans to run for president.
"The fact that he's potentially going to be indicted on Tuesday, the indictment does not affect, to my knowledge, his ability to continue to campaign and run for president. Should it move to a different place or a different level of prosecution or plea of guilt or proof of guilt, we move to another level," McDonald explains.
He believes Trump would be released on his own recognizance or bond and doubts the former president would spend the night in jail.