Cruise to great views with an eBike tour of Tarrytown

Whether it’s wheels or a walk, enjoy the wonders of the quaint riverside village of Tarrytown in this week’s Road Trip: Close to Home.
A ride through Tarrytown is always gorgeous, but switch the car out for an electric bike— and you’re up for a different perspective with a bit of a workout in between.
Sleek eBikes on Main Street is a great place to start this week’s Road Trip: Close to Home. “We have a very broad range of different styles of bikes, from mountain bikes to folding bikes or road racing bikes which what most people buy is like a really comfy cruising bike that you can go on for a nice ride just really enjoy,” says Edward Busk, owner of Sleek eBikes.
Once you find the right eBike, you can rent it by the hour, hop on and let your adventure begin!
A half-mile down from Tarrytown's Main Street is the waterfront, where the scenic Hudson Riverwalk offers magnificent views of landmarks on both sides of your horizon.
There are also plenty places to take a break. From the dock, you can look a little further past the Gov. Mario Cuomo Bridge and see the Empire State Building. 
Another great stop is the Muddy Water Coffee and Café. Between the coffee aficionados and the vegan or gluten-free fare, it’s a destination for all diets. 
And the alluring ambiance sets the tone for a relaxing rest before your ride home.