Small stores lobby against Connecticut liquor law changes

Mom and pop liquor store owners from around the state were at the Capitol Thursday to urge lawmakers to keep big-box stores from undercutting their way of life.
Liquor stores are able to level the playing field against those stores due to “minimum bottle pricing,” which sets a minimum price for alcoholic products.
While there are no proposals this year to end minimum pricing, several bills would let big-box retailers get more alcohol permits. They would also allow stores like Walmart and Target to start selling beer.
Supporters of those plans say it’s anti-consumer to make people pay an artificially higher price for liquor. Critics say it could put liquor stores out of business.
“If you want to get rid of all your neighborhood liquor stores, just increase the number of big-box stores and get rid of minimum pricing,” says James Fox, of Fairfield Wines & Spirits.