CT lawmakers propose state vaping tax

Lawmakers in Connecticut are proposing a state vaping tax and additional rules for e-cigarettes, officials say.
Vaping has been billed as a safer alternative to cigarettes, although experts say the jury is still out on whether that is true or not.
With vaping among teens skyrocketing, some lawmakers want to ban flavored e-cigarettes. The state has also proposed taxing vape products.
Hector Gonzalez, manager of U Vape LLC in Milford, says that a tax will end up driving e-cigarette users back to old habits.
"They're going to go back to cigarettes. They're going to find a cheaper alternative," says Gonzalez.
U Vape LLC refuses to sell to minors, utilizing constant ID checks. But many internet sites will sell to anyone. Gonzalez is in support of cracking down on online sales.
A public meeting on the proposals is scheduled for Jan. 8 in West Hartford, one day before lawmakers head back to the state Capitol.