CT midwife: Breastfeeding could help protect mothers, children from COVID-19

A Connecticut midwife says breastfeeding is safe for mothers amid the pandemic because it can help protect against infections.
Sarah Najamy has been Vienna Tranquillo's midwife for almost 30 years - and Tranqillo has had her sixth baby, Angelo.
Najamy says breastfeeding, which Tranquillo has done with all of her children, could help protect mother and child.
"Breastfeeding period reduces infection rates in infants and mothers, so the most important thing is to breastfeed because we're protecting that infant," says Najamy.
Najamy says breastmilk has just about every antibody the mother's ever had.
Experts say it's safe for mothers to also get the COVID-19 vaccine and that they have the most current information from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the state's Department of Public Health.